performs masonry related work.

Building Address

547 Molino St


Los Angeles

Date Serviced


Building Description

The Barker Block lofts at Warehouse No. 1 are housed in a restored and reinvented early 20th century factory and warehouse, in the heart of the cultural and creative hub that is the Los Angeles Arts District. The KOR Group has long been committed to creating sustainable, beautiful, and thoughtful places to live and visit. In reclaiming, renovating and repurposing historic buildings, they preserve elements of character while delivering the environmentally-friendly benefit of removing fewer raw materials from the earth.

Products Used

LA Spec Mortar Type S
Prosoco Restoration Cleaner.

Services Performed

Masonry Restoration
* Cleaning of all interior and exterior masonry surfaces.
* Paint removal.
* Repointing 20% of all exterior URM brick masonry surfaces.
* Stitch Bar repair to URM brick masonry.






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