performs masonry related work.

Eastern Columbia located at 9th and Broadway is Los Angeles's best surviving example of Zig-Zag Moderne, it was originally a department store designed by architect Claude Beelman in 1929. The magnificent green and gold fa├žade is comprised of terra cotta. Though not exclusive to Southern California architecture, terra cotta was used extensively here in monumental projects of the early 20th century due to the unavailability of local marble or granite. It was completed in increments from 1931 to 1935 by architect Gordon B. Kaufmann.


Bielski was awarded the restoration contract to complete the following tasks:
  • Chemical Cleaning of the glazed terra cotta facade facing 9th and Broadway by the most gentle means possible.
  • Interior and exterior vision glass cleaning, including a chemical restoration cleaning to accomplish the removal of all copper run off stains affixed to the exterior glass surfaces.
  • Sealant removal & replacement using a silicone based sealant at all copper to terra cotta, wet seal window glazing to steel window frame, copper to copper at panels.
  • Loose and flakey lead based paint removal at cast in place exterior rear elevation walls followed by re application of an elastomeric water proofing coating.
  • Loose and flakey lead based paint removal at exterior window frames including full chemical abatement of all paint at interior steel window frames followed by full re priming and re painting of interior and exterior steel window mullion surfaces.


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