performs masonry related work.

The Gas Lofts located at 800, 810 and 820 South Flower formerly served as the headquarters of the Southern California Gas Company. Constructed at various dates from 1924 to 1960.

Bielski restored all exterior elevations on this Historic property. Painted exterior surfaces involved loose and flakey lead based paint abatement, which required removal prior to repainting of exterior walls, window frames and sheet metal locations.

Limestone located at the 810 front facade was meticulously cleaned of approximately 75 years of atmospheric and carbonized dirt including the removal of a failed silicone based water repellant.

Bielski also restored the circa 1960 extension north wing which involved the restoration of the window frame system and restoration cleaning of the exposed pre-cast panels.

Gas-Lofts-limestone-ARCHesLimestone facade at lobby entranceSO-CAL-GAS-LOFTS-before-afterLEFT: To Be Cleaned                                    RIGHT: Limestone Cleaned

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