Los Angeles Federal Courthouse is a 17 story, Historic building. The facade consists of 230,000 square feet of Terra Cotta and polished Granite, with polished brass window mullions.

Bielski's role on this noteworthy project was to clean all Terra-Cotta and Granite surfaces, which included the removal of exterior fungus growth from terra-cotta bisque below delaminated terra-cotta surface glazing, including atmospheric staining. Upon completion of the restoration service, Bielski applied a 100 % silane based water repellent to all cleaned locations for the purpose of preventing water infiltration and to help aid against the re-emergence of mold and biological growth. Throughout these procedures, Bielski took great care and observed all necessary precautions in protecting the brass window encasements and ornamental adornments.

312 North Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

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