performs masonry related work.
Services Performed:
  • Perform life safety securing sand stone elements.
  • Restoration and modification of wood window frame and sashes to accommodate modified sandstone.
  • Repointing and patching of sandstone façade
  • Clean sandstone and granite façade with low pressure steam cleaner.
  • Patch of concrete bond beams.
  • Prime and paint of all Concrete and wood window surfaces.
Building Address: 211 W Santa Ana Blvd.
City: Santa Ana
Date Serviced: 2018
Products Used:
  • Jahn and Edison Coating historical mortars.
  • Prosoco.

The Old Orange County Courthouse, at one point also known as the Santa Ana County Courthouse, is a Romanesque Revival building that was opened in September 1901 and is located in Santa Ana's Historic Downtown District on Civic Center and Broadway streets. The Old Orange County Courthouse is officially recognized as California Historical Landmark No. 837 and is also on the National Register of Historic Places

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