performs masonry related work.
Services Performed:
  • Repointing of partial facade
  • Repairing and patching of terra cotta
  • Repairing, patching, and painting of concrete
  • Painting of plaster and wood windows.
  • Painting (Faux) as needed.
  • Repair of Historical windows Inc fabrication of missing sashes.
Building Address: 1000 S. Santa Fe Avenue
City: Los Angeles
Date Serviced: Aug-17
Products Used:
  • DOW 795 Silicone Sealant, Spec-Mix Mortar Mix Type S, Sherwin Williams Pro-Industrial Paint & Primer

The seven-story building was updated from a 1916 warehouse; the art deco interiors nod to its arts district location and industrial history with exposed brick, street art left on the walls and even feminist wallpaper by L.A. artist Genevieve Gaignard. The top floor features an 18-by-6-foot acrylic mural by another L.A. artist, Paul Davies.

"In the 1970s, it became this artists' recording studio, for squatters, artists' lofts and stuff like that," says Candace Campos, U.S. design director for Soho House. "So we were really interested in both the 1920s — the start of this building — and then the '70s in terms of how we wanted to design the space, influenced by that."

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