performs masonry related work.

CMU Block and Clay unit masonry construction can suffer from splatters, spills and smears during the construction process. Having an even and clean or consistent appearance is important for the mason to present their project for final acceptance. Bielski is highly skilled in completing this service on time and on budget for our customers.


Cleaning of all types of masonry surfaces from:

Providing a uniform final cleaning is a skill that takes extensive training. On many occasions Bielski has been called to remedy a failed attempt at cleaning by an untrained crew.

This photo shows how poor CMU block can appear with extensive lime run including rust streaks on colored, burnished block. Bielski can remove the lime run, rust stains while leaving the color, texture and grout intact.

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Lime streaks occur primarily during new construction when CMU grout cells are exposed to inclement weather cycles. This weather pattern dissolves the free lime in the mortar, as days pass the CMU wall dries at the surface, the free lime then migrates to the surface of the CMU block and forms crystalline lime run.

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